15 Hotels Where You Can Spot a Celebrity


February 27, 2013Featured4 Comments

Celebrity Hotels 1 15 Hotels Where You Can Spot a Celebrity

We all get a little star struck from time to time.  Sometimes we spot a celebrity when we’re simply crossing the street, waiting on line in a bank, or at our favorite restaurants.  But rarely do we get to spot them in the lap of luxury that they’re accustomed to.   But if you’re by any chance traveling and have the opportunity to stay at one of these luxurious hotels then your chances of spotting someone famous increase greatly.

Check out these amazing 15 hotels where you have the best chance at spotting a celebrity.

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4 Responses to “15 Hotels Where You Can Spot a Celebrity”
  1. Pune LIC says:

    I visited 3 from top list but cant find anybody :(

  2. paul karpeta says:

    What about the Grove Hotel near Watford UK? Many celebs stay there when filming at Leavesden Studios nearby.

  3. standly says:

    very beautiful place to feel awesome

  4. This list is absolutely incomplete without the chateau marmont on sunset. All legitimacy is ruined.

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