Fish House: Amazing Modern Design on the Seaside

fish house 2 Fish House: Amazing Modern Design on the Seaside

This amazing house was designed by Guz Architects and it’s located in Singapore near the ocean. The Fish House is a luxurious residence with a modern design that blends with the nature.

The roof, the interior and even the swimming-pool symbolize the connection with the nature and makes its residents feel comfortable.

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6 Responses to “Fish House: Amazing Modern Design on the Seaside”
  1. robert jerome hermoso says:

    amazing design and clean landscaping.i admire the insulation!!

  2. andrei says:

    its an awesome design,i lovethepool and the roof top customized with palnts..gorgeous!

  3. nan says:

    awesome! the eco-arquitecture is the kind of style necessary in this age..

  4. ester adeleida rawis says:

    wow!! GREAT!!

  5. Nice stuff published! Lot of 3D CAD. Would be nice if in future if you could add which software and/or renderer was used. Good to know which software is capable of what.

  6. Bong Nolasco says:

    wish to have one in Cavite…

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