Recycled Homes Made Out Of Cattle Bones

 Recycled Homes Made Out Of Cattle Bones

What would you say about a home made entirely out of trash? Yes, you read that right: trash. In Huntsville, Texas, Dan Philips spent over the last 10 years building house from scratch, all with recycled materials. Not only the way they are made but the look of these houses is also interesting and special. Most of us wouldn’t dare thinking about the trash we throw away could serve to such an ambition purpose.

From pieces of broken glass, to corks and even cattle bones, if you can image, they all are great for the eccentric builder. He is an inspiration for all, and why not, for the big companies. Recycled and reused materials are still not very often embraced by the last, but this could be a big step for the future. Take a look at Dan Philips’s work in the gallery below!

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